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 If you want custom made products for your very special occasion; wedding, or any event that you might need gifts for your guest. Following this are some of our conditions that we need to let you know before we can make it for you; to custom made is very easy. Begin with telling us of your approx. budget so that we could suggest you the right choice of our products list. For a better quote price, there are some factors that you can use it to reduce cost;

                           1. If you use our designs, that would be a lot cheaper than to use your own design which you need to pay extra for new mould making.

                           2. If you use less colours, that would also reduce the cost of making. Normally you should apply 2 colours for 500 glasses but if you want 5 colours for the same amount, that would definitely cost more because we have to prepare 5 colours glaze instead of just 2 and spare more for defects.

                           3. If you think more for the shape, some shapes can not use any technique but casting which will spend more time to produce and of course more money. You can discuss with us to find out your best design.

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Corporate' s item


    Conditions for making to order  


             Before we can start your order, here are some conditions you need to know.

-Spare for at least 2 months before you order : Normally it takes quite long to make ceramics especially if you want completely new design. However, if you use our design and modify a bit to suit your need, that would greatly reduce time and also if our capacity is available we could start it quicker.

- If you use new design, it must be your real own design or Original design : we definitely do not make copied products. And for your own design when we made it for you, you can trust that we will not use your design too. However if you use our design, we can make your order as soon as our capacity available and you can modify our design but the complete right of that design will still be ours.

-Minimum order 500 pcs. ( big size) and 1,000 pcs.( small size) for new design : but if it' s our design, we can discuss which amount we could make for you. Anyway, if customers really want their own design but do not want to start with the amount above, we can produce at the amount they want but they have to pay for the mould making themselves.( about 3,000- 5,000 baht) which will be deducted back if they order up to the amount we set above.

- The QC or quality control will be on the basis that the products arehand made (we will discuss with customers before the order starts) : because our production are mainly hand made so the goods are not like mass production ones (they still have pinholes and uneven glaze but all up to handmade good standard) so customers should understand this before order.

-The price is ex-factory price : that means the price excludes delivery but if you need us to include delivery cost, please inform us.

-The "B" grade goods will be stocked for 2 years and will be cleared out or sold after that.

- The mould will last for about 1 - 1 1/2 year : if customers do not repeat their order within 1 1/2 - 2 year, we will destroy the moulds to gain more space. If the customers order after that, there will be cost for making new moulds but will not that much of the first lot.

- If you have any inquiry, please feel free to mail us at : clayshop@yahoo.com or call 66-81- 425-9003 and we will reply with you shortly.



              All above are the reasons why our price has to be more expensive than the mass products' prices. Also with its rareness, we believe you would appreciate the products more especially if you already own a limited edition's one in your home. Moreover, all of our designs always come with real life use in mind so you will surely use it with ease; easy to go with other products in your house(colour scheme to match with your house paint), easy to clean and durable (over 1,200 degree celcius firing) and of course microwave oven and dish washer safe. For the products to go with plants and flowers, you will be amazed that your plants and flowers will look even more beautiful than ever because we never design our products to compete with the natural beauty but to help making them look at their best.